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    The EElancer marketplace connects clients with world-class freelance experts in the high-tech industry to meet your greatest information technology challenges. If you seek knowledgeable support for your project OR if you have experience in these facets of technology, sign up as a client or a freelancer today:

    Semiconductor Manufacturing,  Process,

     Printed Circuit Board (PCB), 

    Electrical Engineering,   Package,

    Software,   Hardware,   Systems,   Testing,

    SOC (System on a  Chip) Design,

     IC (Integrated Circuit) Design,

    CAD (computeraided design),  

    PnR (Place and Route),   Analog IC Layout.

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     Find or invite unique freelancers that have the right qualifications for the project.

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    EElancer is Changing the Face of Technology

    If you are in need of an electrical engineer or other IT specialist to support your enterprise or
    if you have the skillsets to become an expert technical freelancer, your search is over!


    Greg Smith

    When our company transitioned and our IT team was outsourced, we were in a bind. EElancer had the brains on board to help us through our technology issues without getting behind. Thank you, EElancer, for this valuable service.

    Tommy Scott

    My small business has expanded into a network of partners that work across the globe. With the help of EElancer, we’ve been able to count on technology specialists for our networking projects without investing in the high cost of IT staffing.

    William Harris

    With EElancer, I can share my vast experience in electrical engineering and set my pay rate to meet my needs. Not only that, I get to choose the jobs I’m interested in. I get paid weekly for my hard work. It’s a great opportunity!

    Jackson Lee

    Thanks to EElancer. It creates a great workspace for me to get jobs that fit my skills and make some extra money. I can’t even count all of the benefits.

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